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International Legal Consulting

We believe that specialized international legal advice is a strategic issue for the development of the business of our clients who are in the international market.


We serve customers who are looking for internationalization or are already in the international market, whether companies operating in the Brazilian or American market or who wish to go international to one of these countries.


We are ready to assist in the development of your business with the opening of companies in Brazil and the United States, hiring, regulatory consultancy or even in the immigration process of investors and their employees, for both countries, and much more.


Our consultancy proposes to assist our clients from the simplest to the most complex questions. In this sense, our service goes beyond offshore law and demands synergy between the teams.


We also act and assist our clients in national disputes in the United States or in Brazil, or in international disputes both in the preparation and follow-up of cases, whether for American, Brazilian courts or arbitral tribunals.

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