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Expatriation of Investments and Qualified Professionals


We are a reference in the expatriation of qualified professionals and their families who seek to invest and/or reside temporarily or permanently internationally, whether these Brazilians intend to go to the United States or vice versa. We carry out immigration legal advice assisting our clients in applying for temporary and immigration visas (in the United States known as “Green Card”), both in consular processes and in cases when already physically present on the foreign country (also known as “change of status”).

The United States has a solid immigration system that encourages the immigration of family members and qualified professionals, in addition to protecting people who need state attention, such as political exiles. The government has clear policies for foreign visitors, including investors and temporary workers, as well as for applying for immigration visas, which qualify for a Green Card.

Although the Green Card application for family members is the most known, professional visas, Employment-Based or EBs, have categories that allow the foreigner to apply for the visa without the need for a job offer or an American visa sponsor. Those who take advantage of this possibility are the most qualified professionals, who have reached a certain level of academic and professional recognition or those who, even having only a postgraduate degree, are within the American national interest, as they can apply for a visa that will entitle them to the Green Card, without the need for an American employer to sponsor the visa, even if they are outside the United States.


As for Brazil, we are attentive to new changes in immigration rules that facilitated the process of obtaining documents to legalize the immigrant's stay in Brazil, as well as access to the regular labor market and public services. In addition, the new law also allows immigrants to demonstrate politically, associating themselves with political meetings and unions, as well as expressly repudiating discrimination and xenophobia, even having humanitarian visa policy institutionalized.

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