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The Office

Wykrota Law Firm is a law firm specialized in Private International Law that advises companies, entrepreneurs and professionals in the development of international operations and their professions, both in the United States and in Brazil.

Efficiency, transparency, and quality in our services transmit maximum security to clients when making important decisions, such as expanding or opening businesses, making investments safely, making successful professional changes, and migrating between countries with all the necessary legal support.

Our office is located in South Florida, in the United States, with a network in the main capitals of Brazil to serve our customers with convenience and comfort. In addition, we use the latest technology for file sharing, as well as advanced videoconferencing systems, ensuring agility, comfort, and practicality throughout the process.



Assist our clients with efficiency, transparency, and quality. Work with strategic planning, transmitting confidence to the client in making important decisions. Offer credible legal services and always present to assist our clients.


To be an office, located in the United States, a reference for Brazilians, Americans, and other foreigners; consequently participating in the generation of new business opportunities, investments, and professional development for entrepreneurs, and professionals from all countries of the world.



Permanent update of our team, which is constantly motivated and focused on all the details of each project. Quality and excellence in assisting the public and with our customer service. Customized service according to demand. A strong relationship with institutions committed with the development of our clients' potential.

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