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Do you know the 5 types of American visas for qualified professionals?

These are the so-called EB (or Employment Based) visas. EB-1 is used by three types of professionals, those who have reached the top of their careers (extraordinary skills), extraordinary professors and researchers or even executives of multinationals. The EB-2 is intended for professionals with a good academic background (postgraduates) or professionals qualified under the terms of the law. The EB-3 is for people with advanced and special skills in their work areas. The EB-4 is indicated for religious professionals and the EB-5 is for investors in special projects located in the USA (values ​​above about 900 thousand dollars). Each of these visas has its specific qualification, but as defined, they depend on a sponsor applying for the visa for the professional, except for the EB1, EB2 and EB4 visas where, depending on the circumstances, the application can be made by the professional himself. And these are just a few of the 180 types of visas that can be granted by the USCIS, which is the US immigration department.

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