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EB-4 Visa

The EB-4 visa is an immigrant visa category for the United States, designed for certain categories of immigrant workers with specific skills or experience in designated fields. Here are some of the main eligible categories for the EB-4 visa:


• Religious Workers: This subgroup includes members of religious orders, religious workers serving in a full-time capacity, and ministers.

• Special Immigrant Employees: This applies to certain foreign employees who have worked for the U.S. government abroad.

• International Broadcaster Employees: This category is intended for international broadcaster employees in the United States.

• Program Interpreters Participants (e.g., Afghans and Iraqis): Individuals who have worked directly with the U.S. military as Afghan or Iraqi interpreters may be eligible for the EB-4 visa.

• Former U.S. Government Employees Abroad: Certain former U.S. government employees who worked abroad may qualify.

• Members of Media Organizations: Individuals who are members of media organizations may be eligible for the EB-4 visa.

• Foreign Medical Professionals: Doctors conducting medical research, involved in medical practices, or providing medical services in underserved areas may qualify.

• Workers in Critical Conditions: This category covers workers performing vital work for the national interests of the United States.


It is important to note that applicants generally need to be sponsored by an organization or employer in the United States that meets the specific criteria of the EB-4 category. The number of visas available in this category is limited annually, and there may be a waiting list for certain subcategories. It is recommended that applicants seek guidance from an immigration attorney to ensure a complete understanding of the requirements for their specific case.


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