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EB- 4 visa - for religious professionals

The EB4 visa is intended for a very specific category of people, especially religious workers who are emigrating to the United States. It is generally applicable to members of American non-profit religious organizations, however, this category may cover another diversity of requests such as translators from Iraq and Afghanistan, Iraqis who helped the United States, workers from international organizations, among many others. The requirements of each request will diverge from each kind of professionals, but, as a rule, the necessary documents, in addition to the personal ones, are those that prove the necessary condition for the qualification of each person. In the case of the religious worker, it is important to point out that he must have been working for an organization for at least two years and, when entering the United States, he must exercise the function of priest or minister in the organization, as well as having a professional religious occupation or unprofessional. This also includes the religious vocation, which is a call / devotion to a religious lifestyle. The candidate must have taken the vows and dedicated himself to a specific religious tradition. Finally, this category has a much higher backlog than the EB1, EB2 and EB3 categories, not least because it has a much smaller number of visas available annually, about 7.1% of the total visas assigned to the professionals. It should be noted that some nationalities, such as Chinese and Indians, have an even longer wait due to the maximum quota of country per visa.

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