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Brazilian Dentists in the United States

Living and working in the United States is the dream not only of many Brazilians but also of people worldwide who are seeking a better quality of life and more opportunities.

According to the Federal Council of Dentistry (CFO), Brazil currently has approximately 330,000 dentists within its territory, which accounts for about 20% of the total number of dentists in the world.

To put into perspective the disparities in the number of dentists between Brazil and the United States, Americans have a rate of 65.7 professionals per 100,000 inhabitants, whereas Brazil has 140 professionals per 100,000 inhabitants. Studies indicate a significant shortage of dentists in the United States, leading the U.S. government to offer opportunities to foreign professionals.

In addition to the quality of work, life, and security, another factor that attracts these foreign professionals to move to the United States is the salary. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which measures labor market activity, working conditions, price changes, and productivity in the U.S. economy, reported in its latest data that the average annual salary of a dentist in the U.S. is $164,000, and it can exceed $208,000 in some cases.

So, that's a great opportunity not only for Brazilian dentists, but for dentists from all around the globe, who are seeking new jobs opportunities and a new air for your professional career.

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