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EB-3 visa - The requirement of the EB3 visa

The process of applying for immigration visas to the United States for professionals, so-called employment based, can vary from case to case.

Because of the diversity of visas and their specific characteristics, it is highly recommended that the person interested in emigrating to the United States find a qualified professional assistance. Understanding immigration rules and their implications is a complex task and full of correlations with other legal areas, making the process complicated for anyone to navigate independently. Below we give some details about the EB3 visa and its peculiarities.

The EB3 visa is intended for "skilled workers", "professionals" and "other workers". These types of professionals are usually considered to be potential immigrants who do not qualify for EB1 or EB2 preferences, since the requirements for qualifying the professional for EB3 are less restricted.

In summary, “skilled workers” are those capable of demonstrating at least 2 years of professional experience or training in the field of activity, “professionals” are those who hold a bachelor's degree in the USA (or equivalent foreign diploma) and demonstrate a bachelor's degree is the common requirement for entering the desired profession and, finally, “other workers”, who must be able, at the time the petition is filed by the sponsoring employer, to perform unskilled work (requiring less than 2 years of training or experience), which is not of a temporary or seasonal job, for which qualified workers are not available in the United States.

Unlike EB1 and EB2, this category does not allow a self-petition, demanding a job offer by an American employer, as well as his respective certification with the Ministry of Labor. This category also has a longer waiting time (backlog).

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