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Ilegal Immigration Across the Border Decreased by Approximately 40% in the First Quarter of 2024

The number of immigrants attempting to cross the United States-Mexico border decreased by more than 40% in the months of January, February, and March, following a historic record in December with 250,000 apprehensions. In January, Border Patrol agents apprehended 124,000 people, in February 140,000, and in March 137,000.


According to government information, 129,000 immigrants were apprehended in April. This reduction is considered atypical, especially for this time of year, when temperatures in the region tend to be higher. The government attributes the decline to increased enforcement and the requirement to schedule asylum requests via an app.


Always choose to enter the United States through legal means, using passports and visas if you are a citizen of a country that requires them.


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