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Meet Francisco Wykrota, Founder of Wykrota Law Firm

Competence and effective execution of services are essential in any job, but they require the following tools: Determination, trust, credibility, and above all, technical expertise. Together, these factors contribute to excellent customer service, service quality, and recognition for competence!

WLF - Wykrota Law Firm, a private international law office located in the United States, specifically in Weston, Florida, with headquarters also in the greater Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, provides legal advisory services to individuals and companies in need of support in personal, investment, and professional or business expatriation relationships, both in the USA and Brazil.

With over two decades of experience and qualifications in the market, the founding partner, Mr. Francisco Wykrota, leads the Wykrota Law Firm In addition to a master's degree in International Law and a Juris Doctorate (J.D.) from the University of Miami, he holds other important academic degrees, such as a postgraduate degree in Civil Law from the Milton Campos University and a bachelor's degree in Law from PUC Minas.

Mr. Francisco also holds various certifications and specializations, including being a Certified Paralegal from the University of Miami, a specialist in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) from Georgetown University, Project Management from IETEC, and many others. He was also honored with the CALI - Excellence for the Future Award from the University of Miami.

He is a licensed professional in both the USA and Brazil. He has excelled in the field of law, as evidenced by awards from the University for his outstanding performance and the prestige he has gained in his field over the years of work.

He is also a member of numerous professional associations, such as the American Bar Association - ABA, Florida Bar Association, Brazilian Bar Association - OAB, American Immigration Lawyers Association - AILA, Chairman of AILA's Business & Investment Committee, U.S. National Paralegal Association, South Florida Paralegal Association, among others.

In his involvement with these associations, Dr. Francisco has held positions such as Vice Chair of the Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL) Committee at AILA South Florida.

The success of his career and the excellence of his services can be confirmed by the appreciation of his clients and the way in which the WLF office has grown in recent years. Moreover, Dr. Francisco is constantly invited to participate in presentations and interviews in renowned media outlets, where he has the opportunity to share his knowledge and assist the immigrant community interested in moving to the United States.

In addition to personal satisfaction in master ing his profession, he seeks to assist clients in the best possible way according to their demands, always with transparency, credibility, and quality. From decision-making and strategic planning to the completion of services that benefit the client, their family, or their business.

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