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The pilot Rodrigo Leoni shares his journey to get his and his family's Green Card

The airplane pilot Rodrigo Leoni has been in contact with aviation for a long time, more precisely since 1997, when he joined the Aeroclube de São José dos Campos, in São Paulo, and enrolled in the aviation training. Four years later, he became an instructor, and accumulated experiences in the Transbrasil and LATAM, where he worked for 11 years.

After a few years, he decided, together with his wife, to start a life abroad, an old dream, according to him. “After a lot of planning talk, we decided to venture to Qatar, where I stayed for eight years, having the opportunity to fly in several aircraft such as the 320, 331 and 340”, he explains. “After eight years in Qatar, here I am, starting a career in the United States with my family, happy and fulfilled.”

Rodrigo says that the dream of living in the United States has always been dormant, so he prepared himself, studying and learning about visas. As the months passed, the Wykrota Law Firm appeared in Rodrigo's life, and he decided to embrace this dream once and for all. “My biggest motivation always came from childhood, I always admired the country and how things worked here. There are problems of course, as anywhere in the world, but once you have a family, you start thinking about your children's future”, he guarantees.

The visa process, he said, was smooth, “thanks to the excellent work of Mr. Francisco and his team, after 10 and a half months of filing, I had the I-140 approved and, later, it was just a matter of following the step by step suggested by the Firm until I got my hands on the long-awaited Green Card.” The pilot says that the most difficult was the step after approval, when the applicant relaxes, but bumps into the subjectivity of some agents. But nothing that beats the joy of victory. “Receiving the news of the visa was a wonderful thing, an emotion of conquest and perseverance and the reward of something that was so dreamed and fought for to happen. The emotion of sharing your joy with people and family members who believe in you is a very nice feeling.”

🗣 Testimonial:

The Mr. Francisco’s Firm was impeccable from the first moment. I remember like it was today our first meeting. We spent almost two hours talking about the visa and, in the first few minutes, I was sure that this was where I should invest my dream.

Subsequently, throughout the entire process, they were impeccable, from communication, customer support, deadlines and especially the works quality. That's what I tell my friends when they ask me about the office.

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