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Vermont will Grant Work Permits to Undocumented Immigrants

Starting in September 2024, undocumented immigrants living in the state of Vermont will be able to obtain professional licenses, according to a new law signed by Republican Governor Phil Scott last week. This measure aims to address labor shortages in various sectors and aligns with similar initiatives already implemented in states such as Washington, California, and New Jersey.


To obtain the license, applicants must meet certain criteria and can use the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) or a federally issued identification number. The new legislation will benefit professionals in over 100 fields, including nurses, barbers, plumbers, social workers, agricultural and construction workers, among others.


Senator Becca White highlighted the importance of this measure, stating: “We know the challenges of finding workers currently, and we need these workers to strengthen our economy.” The state of Vermont is facing significant difficulties in filling job vacancies, with the Department of Labor reporting 7,700 open positions and an unemployment rate of 2.2%.


Matt Musgrave, president of a construction industry organization, expressed his satisfaction with the approval of the law: “We have many workers in need of employment, but who lack documents. All we need to do is provide them with these tools to get started. We need the immigrant workforce.”


In summary, the new law offers a practical solution to the labor shortage in Vermont, providing employment opportunities for undocumented immigrants and contributing to the local economy.


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